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Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android

Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android

Beyond the numerous and legitimate speeches that are being made, especially lately, about the relationship between technology and privacy, we must also admit that the most modern tools are also particularly useful on certain occasions.

Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android

In particular, as regards the localization via GPS, this could be useful in those cases in which it is necessary to monitor the position of children with a GPS Tracker or elderly people, in such a way as to intervene where problems arise. Or using a GPS car locator you can find out where is the family car driven by our wife or husband.

But how is it possible to carry out these checks? I will answer these and other questions in this article in which I will show you the best apps to find out where a person is, going to take a look at both the solutions for Android and those for iOS.

Localization of an Android and Apple cell

First of all, it is good to know that it is possible to trace the position of a person via the GPS of the smartphone, also using platforms developed ad-hoc by the manufacturers; both giants of the mobile landscape (Google and Apple), in fact, offer a service already integrated into their systems able to find a specific device through localization.

These are features designed mainly for cases of smartphone theft, but which can also be useful in other situations.

How to find an Android Smartphone

As for Android, the app is called Find My Phone, available for free on the Play Store; to use the service, however, it is necessary that the smartphone of the person concerned is connected to the internet, associated with your Google account, and that both the geolocation and the remote control options are active on the device (which can be activated at the path: Settings> Google Account> Safety, or similar nomenclature).

At that point, through the app, you will be able to view the position of the smartphone on a map, and it will, of course, be possible to control it remotely; in particular, you can make it ring, lock the device or delete the data in it.

How to find an iPhone with “Where is”

As mentioned, iOS also offers such a service, in particular, thanks to the app called Where is (formerly known as Find my iPhone); even in this case, however, it is necessary to carry out some preliminary operations, such as activating the localization (at the path: Settings> Privacy> Localization) and activating the service through the iCloud settings.

Tracking Devices and Apps

At that point, all that remains is to start the application, select the icon for your iPhone (or the person you are looking for), and perform the operation you are interested in from the Actions menu.

Find out where a person is with Google Maps

Even one of the most popular navigation and map apps allows this type of operation; we are talking about Google Maps, the famous platform of the Mountain View giant.

In fact, through the service it will be possible to share the position in real-time, in such a way as to trace the exact place of the person you want; first of all, you must obviously download the aforementioned application on the Play Store and App Store.

Subsequently, to share the position you have to open Google Maps, select your profile picture, and tap on the items Sharing the position> Add people;

At that point, it will be possible to select your Google contact (or alternatively copy a link to send to any contact), and also choose how long to keep the function enabled.

Locate a person with WhatsApp

Another application that is most likely installed on any smartphone is WhatsApp, which allows you to share your position using the GPS technology of your smartphone; as seen also in the other cases, a fundamental requirement is to have activated the localization on the device.

At that point the person who wants to share his position (perhaps a child or an elderly person), will have to do is open the app, select the chat of contact (for example that of a relative), and then tap on the ‘ paperclip icon (on iPhone select the + symbol) at the bottom; then you just have to select the item Position, choose how long to enable the function (up to a maximum of 8 hours) and then press the enter icon.