How To Hide Your Online Status On WhatsApp

Online Status On WhatsApp

As we all know Whatsapp is the most used platform in the world to chat, send messages and share images, videos and files. In addition to the function relating to sending messages, this GudTechTricks application allows us to know when a contact is online. That he is using the chat in real-time, thus allowing us to understand if he is online.

Online Status On WhatsApp

Through this feature, however, you can make incorrect deductions, such as understanding if a person like our best friend, our partner, or anyone else, is deciding to ignore us by not replying to our messages. And if we notice that their online presence persists over time, it can happen to mistakenly infer that they have consciously chosen to ignore us.

But on the other hand (from that of our friend or boyfriend), situations may not always be controllable (such as leaving Whatsapp open and moving away from the smartphone to do something else) that can make us mistakenly believe that we have been ignored.

Interaction with Whatsapp

Before showing you in which situations we appear online and in which we don’t, it is necessary to define the concept of interaction with the App. By interaction, we mean when we are actively using the App, therefore: We write a message, watch a video, browse through the various chats, scroll through messages.

During these operations, we will always be online. Once the last interaction is over, a 15-second countdown starts, when finished we may be offline in certain situations.

When do we appear online on Whatsapp?

Let’s see under what circumstances Whatsapp signals that we are online to our dear contacts.

  • Using Whatsapp, therefore: writing a message, reading messages in chats, while watching a video, while we are with the app open.
  • During a Whatsapp audio call or video call + interaction with the App. After 15 seconds of starting the video call, we will be offline;
  • Using Whatsapp Web + interaction with the app;
  • With App in Background within 15 seconds after exiting the app.

When are we not online on Whatsapp?

Consequently, there are cases in which we do not appear online.

Online on WhatsApp

  • When we are not connected to the internet but we can still use the application to read received messages and reply to messages (in the latter case the messages will be sent as soon as there is a connection);
  • Killing the app, therefore not leaving Whatsapp open in the background (in this case it will take 15 seconds before being offline);
  • During the video call by putting the application in the background (on Android) for example by exiting Whatsapp and opening other Apps. Or after 15 seconds without interaction (for iOS).
  • On Whatsapp Web without interaction with the app;
  • By blocking a specific contact, the contact will consequently not see when you are not online.

Can you hide being online on Whatsapp?

By listing all the cases in which we are online and when not for our contacts we have come to the point of asking ourselves, is it really possible to hide being online on Whatsapp?

The answer is No, we cannot always hide the “online” message that appears to other users when we use the application, or at least not in all cases.

How not to be seen online on Whatsapp

But the answer is also Yes, the only case in which we can continue to interact with the application and not appear online is by blocking a specific contact. In this way, we can hide our online visibility from this contact while we can safely use the application chatting with other users.