Tips to Boost Your Smart Phone’s Battery Life

Smart Phone's Battery Life

It’s 7 in the afternoon. You pick up your phone to answer a WhatsApp and suddenly you get a cold sweat: you still have 2 hours to get home and you have less than 15% battery left. Who has never happened to? Although these situations are less and less common, we are going to tell you a few tricks so that that precious asset, the battery of your mobile, does not leave you lying at the least opportune moment.

Smart Phone's Battery Life

In recent years we have seen how the capacity of smartphone batteries has grown without stopping and although thanks to the fast charge function (be careful, we will soon publish an article to tell you all about fast charging ) have the battery Low is not so critical anymore, there can always be situations where you need to have an extra duration. This is what you can do:

Optimize your screen to consume less power

The screen is one of the most energy-consuming elements in a mobile. Activate the automatic brightness function of your mobile and adjust it to a level that is comfortable for you. The system will take care of regulating it for you so that it is at an optimal level in any situation.

If you have a mobile with an OLED or AMOLED screen, black wallpapers and dark themes are your friends. Why? Because in this type of screens, when they are showing black colours, they do not consume energy because the pixels are off.

Take care of your battery: charge it in the best possible way

The memory effect of batteries, that enemy that for many years has been stalking our mobiles, is now, fortunately, history, but it is true that, if we take into account some things when charging our battery, it will arrive in better conditions to most of the age.

Fast charging has been a revolution in the industry for when we have an emergency, but if you are not in a hurry, do not use it. A slower charge protects the long-term performance of the battery. Wireless chargers are a perfect option for this task since their charging speed is lower than those of cable. Although you will not be able to use it or move it during the recharging time, it will be more comfortable, since you will not have to connect your mobile to cables, but simply support it on the charging surface. The Celly® 10W wireless charger is convenient and fast. In addition, it has a charging LED in which you can visualize its correct charging function.

But if you are in a hurry and need to charge your smartphone quickly, on you can find the Celly Charger Red Turbo Charger 4USB that can charge 4 phones simultaneously. Of course, it is important that you make sure that both your software and hardware are compatible with this type of load.

Don’t let it run out completely. We can still carry this old custom, but with lithium batteries, it is not recommended, charge your battery regularly and not when you get close to that dangerous 10%.

Try not to play games or watch videos while charging your phone. Heat is one of the main enemies of the battery, so it is not a good idea to combine the heat generated by the battery charge with the heat generated when we perform high-performance activities on the phone.

Energy-saving mode

For a few years, Android has incorporated a native power-saving mode that many manufacturers customize to add even more functions. Apple also has a similar low power mode.

Phone's Battery

For example, the “optimized” mode of Samsung phones is usually more than enough, but if one day you think you will need that extra, you can use higher levels of battery saving. Keep in mind that more aggressive power-saving modes can limit the background activity of your apps and you may not receive certain notifications. Check the energy-saving settings of your mobile and choose the one that best suits your style of use.

Check your apps

Within the Android settings menu, you will find a section with battery statistics, where you can see which applications are consuming more power and from where we can put them to sleep. Many times you will be surprised to see applications there that you hardly use, that you installed once a long time ago, but nevertheless, they continue to consume energy. Optimize the number of applications you have installed on your smartphone and activate the option to put applications that you do not open to sleep.

Many applications need to use our GPS to locate us, but for the vast majority we do not need this permission to be running in the background, so choose the option “Only when the application is in use” when it asks for the location permission. Apart from protecting your privacy, this will help you maintain your battery.

Put the mobile on silence

We have the latest in Smartwatches and Smartban ds. If you are the owner of one of these accessories that already notify you of notifications and calls, you do not need your mobile to ring or vibrate every time they send you a message.

How To Activate Sony Crackle Account Online

Activate Crackle Account

Streaming channels are no longer a choice; nowadays it is a priority for everyone who uses entertainment. With an enormous willingness for the latest shows and films, everyday users expect a lot from the broadcasters. And it is very common to focus particularly on giveaways. How to fix problems.

Activate Crackle Account

Sony Crackle is a 100% free streaming service that provides a variety of movies and Television shows. If you no longer want to pay for premium content on Hulu, Netflix, PlayStation Vue, or Amazon Prime Video, Sony Crackle offers a good alternative, although most of its library contains older movies and shows.

How to Activate Crackle on Smart Devices

As mentioned earlier, crackle supports a wide range of smart devices such as PS, Xbox, Roku, etc. Simply follow the steps provided below to activate crackle on your preferred platform.

How to Activate Crackle on Roku

If you have a Roku configuration, you can simply follow the steps below to enjoy crackle services on your Roku device.
Prepare the Roku configuration for the installation of crackle services.

Activate Crackle on Roku


  • Log in to your crackle account that you created a couple of minutes ago.
  • On your Roku, go to “Channel Store” as shown in the image below.
  • After that, select the “Most popular” option from the list.
  • Once you select that, you should be able to see the “Crackle” channel logo in the list of the most popular Roku channel lists. Select on the channel to continue.
  • Now, you should receive an activation code on your screen, provided to activate cracking services on your system. Be sure to memorize or write the code, as it will be necessary later.
  • Now, visit the crackle website and click on the “Activate a device” option.
  • Now, the website will ask you to enter the activation code. Simply put the activation code you received earlier to continue.
  • After that, click on the “Activate” button to activate cracking services on your Roku.
  • Now, wait until the system recognizes your code. After a few minutes, the Crackle channel should be available on your Roku device.
  • To enjoy the broadcast, simply open the “Crackle” channel on your Roku.
    The crackle activation procedure on other smart devices such as Xbox, PlayStation or Smart TV is similar to the one mentioned above. Simply download and install the crackle application on the platform of your smart device

Streaming Platforms to Avail Crackle

Subscribe to any one of the following streaming service providers to stream the Crackle channel,

  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Sony Blu-ray players
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation TV, PS3, PS4

An up close and personal interview with rag & bone designer David Neville

David has been travelling around the world and just got back from a wedding in the beautiful Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles before coming to Dallas for the Rag & Bone cocktail party. I was able to catch up with him last night at Neiman Marcus where he was launching his Fall campaign.

BC – Congratulations on all your success and your store in Highland Park Village. I love your new Fall/Winter collection. But, I would love to talk to you about your video marketing campaign since I’m in the PR business. I find your video with award-winner French actress Lea Seydoux very intriguing and inspiring.

DV – It’s pretty sick, right?

BC – Yeah, it’s sick. I love it. I work with 7 for all mankind on a PR level and they’ve collaborated over the years with James Franco in a similar way. I’m curious to hear from you to see if you feel this is the way of the future with advertising?

DV – Yeah, I mean, it’s an interesting point. First of all it’s very exciting to even be advertising. We’ve been doing this for 10 or 11 years and only in the past 4 years, we have actually done print ads in which we did with Kate Moss. To answer your question though, when doing those shoots you want to be able to capture as much content as possible and I think this last time the team did a pretty awesome job. Not just in print but on video too. We shot with an old 8-millimetre camera, which had a really nice feeling to it. The question though becomes what kind of opportunity do you have to sell and get it out there. And, obviously, things can go viral but people have a very short attention span.

DV – I was actually intrigued to see if we could put it in the movie theatre as a commercial before movies.

BC – What a great idea!

DV – Yes, but we didn’t have the budget for it. I even looked into doing it at smaller indie art house theatres but it didn’t work out. Like you said it’s good to actually measure the impact of the video and brand building though.

BC – And then I’m curious about the Hunter + Rag & Bone collaboration. How did that come about?

DV – Hunter is a pretty iconic British brand and Rag & Bone marks us, English guys. The company in a sense is really a function in the fact that we’re English but we love the feel of New York City. So when we entertained collaborations we tend to like to collaborate with people who like to make specialized things that we really can’t make. We’re not really in the business of making rubber boots. And so it felt like a nice fit and in fact its done incredibly well. The customer has loved them and we’ve sold out really quick.

BC – Well, the price point is so good too.

BC – So, what’s next for you? Are you able to take a break and go on vacation soon?

DV – Actually at the end of the month I’m going away. And, then hopefully a little less air travel!

David has been around the world twice in 2 weeks and is already off to San Francisco this morning. He left me with some great insider news though when I asked about collaborating with Hunter again. He said “Yeah…we’re going to do it again. But, no one knows that yet.”

Thanks, David. xoxo

Fashion Blogger Profile: High Heels Suicide

Sugary and sweet High Heels Suicide is a dream for those who follow blogs in a devoted nature. Bright pieces and bold prints make up this brand that is the very essence of fun! Described like so, “LA is the suicide founder of High Heels Suicide, creative type with a self-confessed obsession with fashion. She founded LA’s blog in 2010 and after almost two years exploring the fashion blogging world decided to take the next step and spread her creativity and style founding High Heels Suicide.”

True to the nature of keeping it cool High Heels Suicide is a tempting adventure of fashion that has gotten a grand amount of attention all over the Internet and fashion world. Each collection is a glimpse into the mind and imagination of LA and true representation of the exciting style.

Spotted: Eastbourne 2 Seater Sofa from Timothy Oulton

Timothy Oulton. International Brand. The Rolling Stones of furniture.

Eastbourne 2 seater sofa from Timothy Oulton spotted in Lindsay Lohan interview.

“I try to bring history and art to classic pieces that still have a contemporary and modern feel. I am transported by flea markets, and spend ages scouring the markets in Britain and elsewhere, looking for a classic piece that begs reinvention.” – Timothy Oulton.

Both the Eastbourn 2 seater sofa in Old Settlement and Vintage Bianco are available at Timothy Oulton in Dallas, TX.

4500 North Central Expressway, Dallas, TX. 75206.

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uber ambassador graphics

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