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A new year means a fresh start. A fresh start means you can refocus your energy on what makes you happy and fulfilled. And, whether they are big or small, your goals should make you want to conquer the world! For myself, I believe that feeling healthy and comfortable in my own skin gives me the confidence I need to go out in the world to run my business and to be a solid mom, daughter, friend and girlfriend. A few months ago I was introduced to Kari Lord. Kari is the founder and president of Simply Glowing…but she’s also become a good friend and confidant. Not only is her service and product now a part of my personal skincare routine but her friendship is such a special part of my life. Simply Glowing is a successful mobile airbrush tanning business using a formula created by Kari that is 100% organic and natural…and makes you feel great! Meet Kari Lord of Simply Glowing…she is your answer for healthy tanning in 2014!

Bri: Congrats on your amazing business. I’m obviously a huge fan of your product and many of my friends and colleagues use your services too! What made you decide to not only own your own company but to create your own solution?

Kari: Thank you! I first got started in this industry when I worked as a front desk manager. I have always been fair skinned and tanned to make myself feel better. As I learned more about the dangers of indoor tanning and the harmful UV rays, I wanted to get away from damaging my body. The self tanning industry was introduced to me at a beauty show and that’s where my journey began! After trying many solutions and not being 100% happy with the color or quality of product, that’s when I decided to go on my own and create a brand that met all mine and my clients expectations.

Bri: Is there a lot of competition in this industry with spray tanning?

Kari: I would say my biggest competition is the spray tan booths. They are the biggest hindrance to any spray tan technician. The hardest thing I find is getting a new client to trust me. I hear all the time “I don’t want to be blotchy” or “Am I going to be orange?” That makes me so sad because unfortunately it does still happen and most of the time it’s from the spray tan booths.

Bri: Your customer service really stands apart from the rest. Honestly, you are amazing to work with. How do you balance everything from your business, to being a mom to 2 teenage girls, a wife, a friend, a daughter, etc.?

Kari: Thank you for saying that. The most important part of my company is giving my customers the best service! This is my passion and I truly love sharing my knowledge of the spray tan industry.  I have the most amazing husband and daughters that give me great support. Like any woman, I sometimes feel like I have to do it all. My family and friends keep me grounded in finding that balance. I do have a few New Year resolutions though this year! Lol

Bri: What did you do before you started Simply Glowing?

Kari: I have worked many jobs and industry’s in my life. All of which have made me the business woman I am today. I have worked as a cashier, in a video store (that just aged me), bank teller, proofing department in a bank, photographer, eye doctor’s office, (thank you Matt) clothing boutique and like I mentioned earlier the salon/spa world. I would say that my best fit was the spa industry in which I spent 15 years in.

Bri: If someone reading this article were interested in doing something similar, what would your advice be? And, do you hire consultants in other parts of the country? I think we need to grow this nationwide!

Kari: My best advice is to make sure you never stop learning! I am always researching and networking with other technicians. Even though I have been spray tanning for 6 years, I am always nervous when I have a new client! I was once told that when you stop being nervous it’s time to find a new career. You need to have passion for your career. Yes, I have trained consultants in other states and now they have their own business using my product. I love to help people grow! So, YES, we are hiring.

Bri: Congrats on your success! What’s next on the horizon for you in 2014?

Kari: I have been blessed for sure! Right now I am mobile which makes it hard to get to everyone in the big metroplex we live in. I plan to bring on more technicians, open 2 different locations for in-studio tanning. I will be launching some new products in my line as well. I’ve spoken at a few schools about the dangers of indoor tanning and would like to continue to educate more teens.

Bri: Thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat…cheers to a healthy and beautiful 2014!

For more information about Simply Glowing go to

Use the code BRICRUM and receive $5.00 off your first tan (mileage may apply).

Below are some of Kari’s Dallas clients with their glowing tans…

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    I worked with Kari in a salon for several years. She is very professional and great with clients! I’m so proud and happy for her that she is so successful. I’m not surprised a bit!!!

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